Probate (Wills & Estates)

Request for Order under Section 47 of the Court of Queen's Bench Surrogate Practice Act (effective July 1, 2005)$70.00
Request for Probate of WillVaries
Request for AdministrationVaries
Request for Administration with Will AnnexedVaries
Application to Pass Accounts$100.00
Certificate of Election$20.00
Certificate of Search with Seal$25.00
Certification (certified copy)$20.00
Notice of Application$225.00
Notice of Motion$100.00
PhotocopyingMinimum charge of $2.50
for first page $1.00
for each additional page $0.50
Rejection Fee (where a court document is not in proper form)$5.00
Request for Probate - Additional Assets (Probate Charge Act)Varies
Request for Probate - Application for Administration (Probate Charge Act)Varies
Search FeeVaries: $10.00
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