Recent Judgments

The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.  They are links to PDF files.  Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE:  This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

   Case Name       Citation number     Release Date  
R. v. Moar2021 MBQB 9January 14, 2021
R. v. Moar2021 MBQB 8January 14, 2021
R. v. Wood2021 MBQB 4January 12, 2021
6486976 Manitoba Ltd. v. 7344989 Manitoba Ltd. 2020 MBQB 192December 23, 2020
Crescent View Farms Ltd. et al. v. ULS Industries Ltd. et al.2020 MBQB 191December 21, 2020
CropConnect v. Bank of Montreal et al.2020 MBQB 186December 21, 2020
Agropur MSI, LLC v. The Winning Combination Inc.2020 MBQB 188December 18, 2020
Ackron Egg Farms Ltd. v. Manitoba Egg Farmers et al. 2020 MBQB 187December 18, 2020
The Director of Criminal Property and Forfeiture v. Gurniak et al. 2020 MBQB 184December 18, 2020
R. v. Ducharme2020 MBQB 177December 16, 2020
Pokornik v. SkipTheDishes Restaurant Services Inc. 2020 MBQB 181December 15, 2020
R. v. Truthwaite2020 MBQB 180December 11, 2020
Brandon Condominium Corporation No. 68 v. TJR Investment Holdings Ltd. 2020 MBQB 176December 9, 2020
R. v. Airmaster Sales Ltd.2020 MBQB 174December 7, 2020
Springs of Living Water Centre Inc. v. The Government of Manitoba2020 MBQB 185December 5, 2020
Garden Park Estates Ltd. v. Power Vac Services Ltd. 2020 MBQB 172December 1, 2020
R. v. Farley2020 MBQB 167November 17, 2020
Grumm v. Warkentin2020 MBQB 164November 12, 2020
Martens v. The Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation2020 MBQB 158November 10, 2020
Sensible Capital Corp. v. Galton Corporation2020 MBQB 159November 6, 2020
Dowd et al. v. Skip the Dishes Restaurant Services Inc. 2020 MBQB 155November 5, 2020
Lagimodiere et al. v. The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company et al. 2020 MBQB 154October 29, 2020
Vincent v. Red River Mutual2020 MBQB 153October 26, 2020
The Estate of Denise Joanne Pynenburg et al. v. Donald Rocan Salkeld2020 MBQB 150October 26, 2020
Kozak et al. v. Core Life Inc. et al. 2020 MBQB 149October 23, 2020
Gomes v. Laporte2020 MBQB 152October 23, 2020
Trunzo v. Satgunam2020 MBQB 144October 19, 2020
DSTB Inc. v. McGregor Landscaping & Design et al.2020 MBQB 142October 8, 2020
Lockport Taxi Ltd. v. The Rural Municipality of East St. Paul et al.2020 MBQB 135October 8, 2020
6165347 Manitoba Inc. et al. v. The City of Winnipeg et al.2020 MBQB 141October 5, 2020
Kennedy et al. v. McKenzie2020 MBQB 139October 1, 2020

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