2 p.m. Trial/Prelim Dates Booked by Disposition Coordinator


 *Please note: dates are limited and fill quickly, please provide a few dates in common when requesting dates.*Veuillez noter que les dates étant limitées et rapidement retenues, veuillez en fournir quelques-unes en commun lorsque vous les réservez.

Date / Time    


Times Available / Heures disponibles 

Note - Date requested must be atleast 30 days prior to Trial/Prelim. Personal appearance is required. 

July/juillet, 2017

25th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
August/aout, 2017
8th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
17th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
29th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
31st - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
September/septembre, 2017
6th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
7th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
12th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
19th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
20th - 2pm2 hr Trial/Prelim
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